Photo is of a teddy bear mold in a pool soaking with many other molds. 

Bronze Betty has been making bespoke bronze, copper and brass products since we started. Our very first products were created for a business who wanted a unique corporate gift for their customers.

There is things we can make are only limited by your imagination, you could consider our product range as showcase of what bespoke products we could make.

You can commission us to create the entire product from scratch, which you approve at every step or you might want to design the master mold yourself and have us create it in bronze, copper or brass. You might as one customer requested want to provide the metal that goes into the castings or you may want your brand and words laser etched onto your bespoke pieces.

You can commission us to make a one off piece, over 100,000 pieces for your business to sell to your customers and any number in between.

We work with over 500 experts from artists to mold makers to casters, experts in large castings and experts in small castings. One thing we have learned is: you will never know if your idea is possible until you ask.

If something bespoke is what you or your organisation are after, the next step is to get in contact with us.