Bronze vs Brass


Photo is of three people riding a bike. All of these have been made from bronze. The gold color is polished bronze, the brown color is a chemical treatment to oxidise the bronze a certain color and the silver color is tinning, where tin is used to coat the bronze underneath.


We often get asked about the difference between bronze and brass.
We get asked why we make things in bronze and not brass.


The simple answer is that bronze is superior to brass. Bronze is stronger and more durable than brass. Bronze can withstand more weight, and has a higher yield and tensile strength. Higher strength means that bronze parts are used in applications where parts are more subject to denting or wearing down. Our bronze holds its gold colouring much longer than brass.


Another question we get asked is why products that our foundries make in bronze get listed as brass by the people who sell them. To get the full answer you would need to contact them directly.


We think its because they believe that people want brass not bronze, even though the product they are selling is bronze. That people think of brass as this dark brown metal not this bright gold metal that our products can be. I think they think that brass is superior to bronze when that isn't the case.