Bronze Betty loves the environment and has been designed to participate in the circular economy. Here is how we have done that:

  1. Our products (which are made from bronze) are created to last a lifetime and we offer a lifetime warranty on them.
  2. Bronze is completely recyclable and can be used to create more bronze art or be used in other industries.
  3. Approximately 95% of the metals we use come from recycling. We only use new material when there is no other alternative.
  4. Our packaging is as plain and unprocessed as possible so it has minimal environmental impact when it is made and is very easy to recycle.
  5. We ship your products with only the packaging materials required to ship them and nothing more.
  6. We use recycled packaging materials whenever possible.
  7. We use cardboard and paper packaging materials 95% of the time.
  8. Both our retail and wholesale shopfronts are completely online removing the environmental impact of a physical store, including the cost of our staff and customers commuting to it every day.

We hope you appreciate the lengths we have gone to to create Bronze Betty as a store that not only creates great products that you love but also loves the planet.