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Bronze Betty

Unicorn with wings

Unicorn with wings

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Unicorn with wings

Unicorns, who doesn't love them. My daughter loved them, my son loved them, my friends daughters love them, they are like horses with horns and wings and supposedly they poo fairy floss or rainbows.

Unfortunately this bronze Unicorn with Wings does not poo fairy floss or rainbows but we have tested it on Unicorn Lovers and they approve. In fact we asked a few 5 year old girls what they thought and all they did was pat them, look at them lovingly and hug them tight then gave us the look. You know the one - just try it buddy and I will scream the house down. So we lost a few unicorns in testing but they went to loving homes, so that's a good thing. The other good thing is we are now reviewing our testing procedures because 5 year old girls can get nasty.

Dimensions & Weight

160 x 150 x 105 ( LxWxH | millimeters ) or 16 x 15 x 10.5 ( LxWxH | centimeters )

Weight - 590 grams or 0.59 kilograms or 21.08 ounces

Dimensions and weight are approximate as our products are handmade and each product and production run is different. See dimension and weight photos for more detail.


We use environmentally friendly packaging whenever possible. We use plain paper and cardboard packaging so you can recycle it. The means you should expect to receive your purchase in a plain cardboard box, wrapped and protected in butchers style paper with a card and (if requested) a personal note. ****************************************************************

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Bronze Betty products are made from Bronze unless specified otherwise

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